Vase In Multicolored Iridescent Glass by Loetz 1940s

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Vase in multicolored iridescent glass by Loetz, made in the 1940s

Ø cm 9 h cm 20

The production of Loetz glass began with Johan Loetz (1778-1848) in the 18th century through the takeover of the Klostermühle glassworks.

In the second half of the 19th century, his nephew took charge of the modernization of the glassworks, introducing, thanks to the assistance of the inventor Eduard Prochaska, new processing techniques: thus new processes were born with glass in imitation of semi-precious stones, veins and the decoration. , which during processing includes hot coils or colored glass pads.

Finally, at the end of the 19th century, the creation of the first glass iridescences with metallic reflections began, up to the creation of Phänomen in glass with applications and inserts of partially metallized glass filaments, similar to Tiffany glass and the famous Papillon glass, in numerous variants and chromatic combinations, characterized by a decoration made up of iridescent dots or plates.

The new discovery triggers the creation of numerous other iridescent glasses, each characterized by a particular luster or hue of colour.

In the history of the glassworks there are numerous collaborations with glass technicians, artists and designers, which give shape to different models and chromatic processes.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Loetz products do not bear the signature. Some pieces intended for export are normally signed when the signature is required by the customer.

Rare piece, in excellent condition.

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