The DADA Novecento shop, a vintage shop that deals with objects, paintings, Murano glass and ceramics, was born from an idea by Danilo Spelta.

The business has existed for about nine years and was born by chance when he was contacted for a carpet consultation. His career began with the sale and study of Persian carpets, inherited from his father and grandfather. Contact with this reality led him to discover the world of antiques, starting to collect art objects such as paintings, mirrors, vases and sculptures. Even today Danilo Spelta dedicates a lot of time to researching objects, which can be admired in a welcoming environment, always ready to welcome you.

He is joined by his daughter Valentina, who, after several years of professional career in international consulting firms, has decided to devote herself to DADA Novecento, focusing on the digital and business development aspects.

The main goal is to enhance the manufacturing, giving a new life to the ancient objects found. In this way, DADA Novecento is committed to transmitting the sense of the artistic heritage of antiques over time, and to promoting the concept of sustainability, fostering greater awareness on the part of the customer.