Capodimonte Ceramic Vase from the 1800s

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Capodimonte ceramic vase, made in 1800

Ø cm 13 h cm 30

Capodimonte porcelain owes its name to the homonymous hilly area of Naples. There, in the first half of the 18th century, King Charles of Bourbon and his wife founded the Royal Factory of Capodimonte. The porcelain produced in this area has particular characteristics that distinguish it from northern European porcelain for its particular milky color, greater compactness and transparency, due to the absence of kaolin in the mixture. The tender dough is shaped using finely sculpted plaster molds in which the liquid porcelain is poured, in order to obtain the raw object which is then subjected to a first long cooking in the oven. Once baked, it can be hand painted and then baked again to set the color. The floral compositions are shaped manually by the craftsman. 

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