Molaroni Tea Service for 10 people

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Molaroni ceramic tea set for 10 people (without MILK).



Since 1880, the Ceramiche Molaroni factory, founded in Pesaro, has been producing hand-made furnishing majolica, which are distinguished by the elegance of shapes and decorations. Their aim is to continue an Italian tradition that has made spaces around the world unique and elegant. There are several styles that characterize the ceramics: we find objects with refined shapes with Renaissance decorations depicting biblical or mythological subjects, elegant collections paintings with detailed Renaissance grotesques, or floral motifs mixed with mermaids and cherubs in gray monochrome on a blue or brown background. Then there are objects with a white background and a gaunt image of a putto or a noble coat of arms, very refined objects given by the effect of a particular painting technique that recalls embroidery, objects with a light and elegant floral and naturalistic decoration. Finally, the collection that made the Molaroni manufacture famous in the world, characterized by an eighteenth-century decoration where a rose is always present.  

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