Hermes bronze sculpture by Antonio Pandiani from the early 1900s

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Bronze sculpture with marble base "Hermes" by Antonio Pandiani, made in the early 1900s

 Ø cm 37 Ø cm 18 h cm 107

Antonio Pandiani was born in Milan in 1838 and died there in 1928.  

He was a great neoclassical sculptor belonging to the well-known artistic and industrial dynasty of the Pandiani of Milan. Antonio studied at the Brera Academy learning the academic style and was immediately appreciated for his portraits. Very often the style of his works reproduces in miniature historical monuments located in prestigious Italian squares, or important personalities of his time.  

Another very interesting and particular production of his are the cups, especially in bronze, which can also reproduce illustrious characters here or reproduce in miniature the bronze wellheads of the late Renaissance.  

What he creates are luxurious and elegant objects, created for different uses and many of them are enriched by many inserts. 

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