Ceramic Maternity Sculpture by Giuseppe Migneco 1960s

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Ceramic sculpture by Giuseppe Migneco, depicting Maternity and made in the 1960s

Ø cm 18 Ø cm 12 h cm 32

Giuseppe Migneco was born in Messina in 1903, and moved to Milan in 1931 to undertake medical studies.  

During his studies he began his journey in the art world earning a living by drawing sketches for a newspaper and working for the publisher Rizzoli.   

Thus he began to create his first works, mainly with autobiographical contents, and in 1934, thanks to the meeting with Aligi Sassu, Raffaele De Grada and Renato Birolli, he gave the real and proper start to his artistic career.  

Among the founders of the "Corrente" movement, Giuseppe Migneco emerges in the group as one of the main promoters of openness to modern European culture, to go beyond the classical painterly canons, alongside artists such as Vedova, Valenti, Gauli, Guttuso, Cassinari, Morlotti.  

After the war Migneco came closer and closer to "social realism", inspired by Mexican wall painters, until he became one of the masters of contemporary Italian art in the 1950s, with an exhibition of his works at an international level, such as New York, Hamburg and Zurich.   

His painting is characterized by bright and lively colors, the faces of the subjects are hard and courageous and fully express the existential struggle, in the constant and visceral conflict between humanity and the events that strike it, in yearning for freedom and memory, beyond the absurd solitude of existence.  

Giuseppe Migneco died in Milan in 1997.  

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