Lithograph by Remo Brindisi 1980s

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Lithograph by Remo Brindisi from the 1980s

 Ø cm 30 h cm 50


Realist painter of the twentieth century, he was born in Rome in 1918. His artistic studies led him to make many trips, visiting cities such as Florence, Paris and Venice until he moved to Milan. During the Second World War he was called to serve and was imprisoned by the Germans but, managed to escape, he took refuge in Venice until the Liberation. Between the 1940s and 1950s he participated in the Venetian Biennials and also in the Roman Quadrennial, with tendencies close to the informal style. In the 1970s he was also president of the Milan Triennale. His passion for art led him to found the Alternative Museum in Lido Spina, with the aim of collecting the works of major contemporary artists. He obtained awards and recognitions even beyond national borders. His paintings are linked to social and political themes. During the twenty years of Fascism, his work was aimed at recounting the faults and horrors that the human soul was able to generate. His works still speak to us of personal, inner feelings, traumatic memories that re-emerge even after years as nightmares. 

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