Oil Painting on Maternity Canvas by Attilio Melo 1950s

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Oil on canvas depicting a motherhood and specifically a mother with a pram, made in the 1950s by Attilio Melo

Ø cm 48 h cm 32

Attilio Melo was born in Padua in 1917 to a Venetian family of artists.

He moved to Milan and attended the Brera Academy where he began his career as a painter at a very young age under the guidance of his father, who was an appreciated fresco painter and scholar of Tiepolo and Guardi.

At the age of 18 he began to devote himself professionally to the art of portraiture and during his brilliant career several famous people posed for him, including several politicians such as Alcide De Gasperi and Giovanni Gronchi. In the world of entertainment, music and theater, different names stand out such as Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren and Giorgio Strehler.

In addition to well-known personalities, he also painted several noble and bourgeois families in Europe. His portraits are called worldly because they are of a certain world, they are not affected or contrived. Each subject is captured in a natural pose with a slight patina of smile that adorns each face and is filtered with extreme sensitivity and a subtle malice.

Attilio painted numerous landscapes and views of European cities.

He dedicated a very important part of his work to the Italian landscape, in particular to that of Milan and Venice, his homeland and his pictorial inspiration.

During his career he was officially invited by Queen Elizabeth II to the annual exhibition organized by the Royal Academy of Portrait.

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