Watercolor painting by Giulio Falzoni, 1960s

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Watercolor painting by Giulio Falzoni from the 1960s

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Giulio Falzoni was born in 1990 and died in 1979 Milan. He was an Italian painter who lived for many years in Florence and later in Milan, the city for which he painted many views. 

He was a prominent representative of the figurative school of the '900 and practiced various techniques, such as oil on canvas, mural, ink and some multimedia experiments, but he will always be recognized and linked for his mastery in watercolor, of which he is was an undisputed master.  

In 1915 he began studying drawing in Mantua and despite his young age, he took part for a short period of time in the First World War. Even in those tragic circumstances he continued to draw some pictures of life in the trenches.  

In 1928 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, where he began to distinguish himself for the use of the watercolor technique.  

During his stay in Florence he attended the studios of Ludovico Tommasi and Plinio Novellini, from which he began his exhibition career thanks also to the interest of a representative of the Neapolitan early 1900s, Vincenzo Irolli, who invited him to paint in his studio. 

In the late 1940s he specialized at the Royal Water Color Society in London, in which he represented striking views of the city.  

From the 1970s on, he devoted himself to multimedia experiments that united his two great passions: painting and classical music. In these experiments he illustrated various lyric and symphonic works with his watercolors.  

During his career he participated in various art exhibitions, such as in Mantua, Naples, Padua, Florence and in many other cities in Switzerland, France and England. 

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