Collection of Pastel Paintings by Franco Rognoni on Communication

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Collection of six pastel paintings on communication, made by Franco Rognoni.

The topics are: the telegraph, the letter, the messenger, the telephone, television and the latest news

Ø cm 40 h cm 50

Born in 1913 in Milan, he was a painter, draftsman and engraver who distinguished himself for a sometimes surreal pictorial research, in which he dissolves every dichotomy between real and unreal, real and abstract, comic and tragic. In his paintings we find solitary and elongated silhouettes, with cold and detached gazes. They are introspective portraits, real psychological analyzes. Rognoni looks at foreign artists, freely grasps various suggestions: the shapes and certain characters of Picasso, the brushstrokes a la Matisse, the poetry of Marc Chagall… he reinvents all these suggestions to create his own very personal style. Space between Expressionism, Surrealism, Abstraction, Informal depending on the work to be carried out. His painting that appears dark   and tormented, over the years, it becomes less obsessive, acquiring freer forms inspired by a fantastic vision, calmed by ironic flashes. After over sixty ' years of artistic life, he died in Milan in 1999. 

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