Murano Glass Centerpiece by Barovier & Toso Caravaggio Cup from the 1980s

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Centerpiece cup in very fine blue Murano glass, made in imitation of the Caravaggio cup by Barovier and Toso, in the 1980s

Ø 22 cm h 17 cm

Barovier & Toso is a glass factory, known for its handcrafted collections of decorative Murano glass in the 20th century. The chemical innovations of Angelo Barovier's crystalline glass production characterized the first collections composed of bottles and objects in colored glass. Subsequently, further innovations led to the creation of a series of designs using multicolored murrine.
In the 1930s they began experimenting with heavier glass shapes with irregular surfaces and handles. In 1942 Barovier joined forces with the Toso brothers, other leading glassmakers, to form Barovier & Toso based in Palazzo Contarini in Murano.
The company maintains traditional techniques but at the same time incorporates contemporary styles and forms.

This table lamp is made entirely of Murano glass, both the bottom and the base, with a brass insert. The colors of the glass are perfectly worked and give warmth to the environment.

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