Lighter in Murano glass attributed to Flavio Poli from the 60s

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Lighter in Murano glass made in a geometric shape and attributed to Flavio Poli

Ø cm 12 h cm 9

Flavio Poli was born in 1900 in Chioggia and is known for being a great Italian ceramist, draftsman and painter. Poli is known as “the glass artist” for his contribution to the development of Murano glass, promoting a new style during the 1950s which came to be known as “submerged style”. In 1934 he began working as a glassmaker for the the company Barovier, Seguso, & Ferro in Murano (which later became Seguso Vetri d'Arte), of which he became a partner and artistic director. During these years of his career he designed together with Archimede Seguso, creating complex lighting installations in Murano glass In the post-war years, he conceives the sommerso glass style, a technique created by superimposing different layers Of glass with different consistencies of colours, thus introducing into the Murano world thick glass which is in stark contrast to the workings then in vogue, thus making a very important innovation for the time which allowed him to win the prize Golden Compass.  

Poli is known and appreciated for the theme of the female nude, to which he was the first to address this theme in Murano where we can see it in the composter from the 1930s, a central female bust with a grip function.  

During his career, Flavio Poli conceived different objects representing always different subjects, such as for the Company of Venice and Murano which created massive animals in glass. 

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