Single flower crystal vase by Lalique Feuilles from the 1950s

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Single flower crystal vase by Lalique Feuilles, made in the 1950s

Ø cm 14 h cm 10

Lalique crystals  born from the idea of René Lalique, a French jeweler and glassmaker. 

During his career he collaborated with various important brands, such as Cartier and Boucheron, but his first real research on glass took place in 1890 when he created the elements for jewels, also studying enamelling and engraving techniques. 

In 1921 he founded his glassworks in Alsace which is still the only Lalique factory in the world. 

In the mid-1920s the arrival of Art Déco marked the culmination of his career, which thanks also to his techniques, created a style that is expressed in the contrast between transparent and opaque glass. 

The crystals feature designs inspired by three themes dear to René: women, flora and fauna. 

The company he founded continues along the tradition, still dealing today with jewellery, perfumes, interior decoration and artistic creations in glass. It is still today a symbol of French luxury, for the splendor of the jewels, the wonder of transparency and the brilliance of the crystal. 

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