Polychrome Bronze Sculpture the Three Graces by Salvatore Fiume

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Salvatore Fiume sculpture in polychrome bronze, created in the 1980s.

Work no. 60 of 175.

Ø cm 30 h cm 30

Salvatore Fiume was born in Cosimo, Sicily on 23 October 1925. At the age of sixteen he began to approach the world of art, winning a scholarship in Urbino, where he learned the techniques of lithography and printing. In 1936 he moved to Milan, where he met and enjoyed the company of the Hermetic poets, Dino Buzzati and Salvatore Quasimodo.  

In his career he ranges between different forms of art, his first success taking shape in writing with Viva Gioconda !, but once he moved to Canzo, where he opened his workshop, he devoted himself exclusively to painting and sculpture.  

The artistic influences can be recognized in Giorgio De Chirico, his works go through different cycles over time, and his works are exhibited internationally, from MomA to the Vatican Museums. 

Set designer, painter, writer, sculptor, Salvatore Fiume has marked the cultural life of the city of Milan for at least forty years. His heirs, Laura and Luciano, donated the sculpture of the 'Three Graces' to the municipality of Milan, installed in Piazza Piemonte.  

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